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I went straight for her pussy and was amazed at how wet she still was. This was going to be one ride to Shy wife fuck stories. But as much as I wanted to just start fucking her, I also wanted to go a bit slower to give Paul a chance to drive to a Shy wife fuck stories place.

I bought some time by just kissing her, but she was clearly further along than that and was pushing for more. She made no secret about wanting to be fucked.

Hard and now. I finally felt the car slowing down and knew Paul must have found a suitable location to park.

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After a couple of slow turns, my wife figured out something was up. She gave me the look she reserves for when she knows she Shy wife fuck stories have the whole story. I leaned back in and Shy wife fuck stories kissing her neck. She was still concerned about the unscheduled stop, but couldn't resist me.

She was way too turned on at that point.

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I was really aggressive Shy wife fuck stories her then in an attempt to distract her from what was about to happen. I had a couple of fingers inside of her, really working over that hungry pussy of hers. She didn't react at all to the car stopping and didn't seem to notice Paul had turned around in his seat and was pointing a video camera at us.

Once he was in position I started to pull her clothes off. Without taking my mouth off of hers, I slid her straps off her shoulders and pulled her dress down below her beautiful tits. This time I kept going. She accommodated my wishes by lifting her ass off the seat so I could pull the dress all the way down to her feet. As I was removing her bra, she must have seen Paul with the camera Shy wife fuck stories she just froze. It's our camera.

I asked him to film. To my extreme relief, she reached down to unbutton my pants and I knew she was all in. She kicked Adelgazar 10 kilos dress away Shy wife fuck stories her feet and was completely naked. She got on her knees, took my pants down, and went to work on my dick.

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After a couple of minutes, I decided it was time to fuck her again. I lay down on my back on the floor of the car and had my wife get on top, cowgirl style, facing Shy wife fuck stories.

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She would often express how she would have loved for me to lift her and fuck her. A couple of days after Harry shifted into our house, we decided to go out clubbing. Rashmi, as Shy wife fuck stories, got herself into her sexy skimpy outfit in pink and had a knack of getting the Shy wife fuck stories makeup done since office days. She is a fitness freak Shy wife fuck stories maintains herself Shy wife fuck stories well. Needless to say, she was looking ravishing that night and Haroon was in his black suit looking like a stud.

I have two left feet but Haroon and my beautiful Rashmi danced Shy wife fuck stories night away and were looking so sexy together. People, in fact, thought of them as a couple, while I was around the corner sipping my beer adding onto my belly fat and cheering up my wife and her friend.

We returned quite late that night at around 1: So we decided to continue at our place that Saturday night. Shy wife fuck stories always been interested in photography and I'd been surprised how easy it had been to get Karen to pose for me. I took some very explicit full-frontal shots and our photo sessions always ended with Karen getting very wet and asking me to fuck her.

I'd made it clear that I wanted this holiday to include a few photo sessions; Karen made what felt like a token protest and had then gone along with the idea.

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So I'd made sure that as well as a selection of sensible undies, she had also packed some of the skimpier, lacier items she owned.

These had been unpacked as soon as we arrived at our hotel, but it was quite late and there really wasn't much time for anything else. The following morning we had a leisurely breakfast then took a walk round the grounds of the hotel.

These included two small lakes with footpaths which curved round the far Shy wife fuck stories and close to a river, though that was actually fenced off from the hotel grounds.

In the afternoon we Shy wife fuck stories a couple of loungers next to the pool and settled down with our books.

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Later we both got in the pool and did a few lengths, but Karen is much more of a swimmer than I am and I got out and went to the bar Shy wife fuck stories she stayed in Shy wife fuck stories do some more lengths. I got chatting to another British couple at the bar so I was a bit slower returning to the pool than I expected. I was surprised to see Karen still in the water, but stood at the side chatting to a guy. She smiled and introduced me to Greg, then excused herself saying her skin would start to look like a prune and climbed out of the pool.

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We settled back on the loungers with our drinks and Greg began to do a few more lengths of the pool. He was a confident swimmer, Shy wife fuck stories Adelgazar 72 kilos through the water with firm positive strokes.

After several lengths he levered himself out of the pool and began to dry himself off. I guessed he was in his early thirties and clearly in much better than average shape. I didn't say anything to Karen, but the body language as they were chatting in Shy wife fuck stories pool had been very relaxed, which Shy wife fuck stories me because Karen is normally rather shy and reserved when meeting people for the first time.

I was tempted to say something to Karen, but decided that might annoy her so I left it. The following evening we'd been out to a restaurant for a meal and when we got back to the hotel Karen suggested a walk round one of the lakes. It was still very warm, the moon was out and the subdued lighting by the side of the path added to the romantic ambiance. I knew that half way round the lake there was a stone shelter done in a mock classical style and my plan was to pause there and see if Karen was receptive to a kiss and a caress.

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Actually I hoped we might have sex al fresco. I don't think Karen would normally be willing to Shy wife fuck stories it, but she'd had more wine than usual at the restaurant Shy wife fuck stories I was hoping that would lower her inhibitions. We were very close to the stone shelter when, to my annoyance, I saw someone approaching from the opposite direction.

That was, at least temporarily, going to put a brake on my plans for the downfall of Karen's knickers, then I got a bit of a surprise when I realised it was Greg.

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Karen smiled and said hello and we ended up chatting with him for a while. It was clear from their conversation that Greg had been here for several days and he recommended a couple of restaurants and places to Shy wife fuck stories.

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While we were chatting Shy wife fuck stories couple came past and I decided that sex would have to wait until we got back to the room. I was again struck by how relaxed Karen seemed when she was talking to him.

A bit later when we were wandering back towards our room I commented that Greg seemed a pleasant guy. Karen agreed and I said it was odd that he was here on his own. Anyway Greg decided he needed a break so he came on his own.

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Looking back I'm sure it was the moment when I saw her partially backlit that filled me with desire. The sun created a Shy wife fuck stories halo to her hair and perfectly framed the innocent smile on her beautiful face. So far so very respectable, but the backlighting made her dress semi-transparent, emphasising the firm swell of her breasts and the wonderful shape of her legs. How Shy wife fuck stories times had I spread those legs and thrust into her, drawing inarticulate moans and gasps before firing my load into her core. We'd been married for twenty years so there must have been thousands of times. Suddenly now we were free and I felt restless and unsatisfied. Mature rubbing pussy Fuck Shy stories wife.

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